Politician, heal thyself

I read in Newsweek that Al Gore's home used 221,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity during 2006. That was 20 times what the average US home used.

By way of contrast, my family used about 4,000 kw-hrs. That's 55 times less than what Al used and about 3 times less than the average US home.

I don't say this to be self-righteous but rather to humbly ask Al to reconsider his personal ways. (Are you listening, Al?)


Dave Moody said…
It does make you wonder who reads your blogs, doesn't it?
Courtney said…
can you even imagine?! 20 x the average home!

interesting, thanks.
Old School Gary said…
versus President Bush's ranch:
Heather Jamison said…
Hey there,

Late on the comment-posting but I'm still gonna do it. :) If this is the same article I read on Al Gore, it also mentioned how they're having a bunch of trees planted on Mt. Elgon (where my hub is trrryyying to work with the guys on a Bible school there but due to the warring - it's facing a ton of crud. Last week they had the brand new water tank slashed to pieces.) But the article said that people are planting so many trees on Mt. Elgon to salve their guilt of flying around in their expensive jets and stuff that they are not realizing that they are pushing other people off of the farming land and now causing shooting and violence as people fight for resources. Gee. Whiz.

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