Madmen and web stats

Two of my favorite bloggers are Rob and Heather. (My Heather does not blog.)

Rob has a good post recently that reminded me to just not worry about how many people come to my site. After all, I really do it as a creative outlet anyhow.

Heather reminded me that her rural podunk town in Kenya is a lot like the big town I'm in. Kenya is Kenya. Our neighborhood has a madman too. (As there are in many parts of America.) And I've seen the streets filled with teenagers here too. The most recent set was one Saturday on Ngong Road - a bunch of young people were lining the street on both sides, and even down the middle. They were on some fund-raising walk benefiting some charitable organization.

And I have lots of other favorite bloggers too, but those are two today's pleasure allotment from me to you.


gracie said…
Number of comments doesn't necessarily relate to number of readers... I read a lot of blogs in bloglines but don't always visit or comment. On my blog, I figure that even if I got no comments I would still blog, cos it's for me... but any comment is a nice gift I think :)

Will you get a new blog once you move back home in June?
Nairobi Paul said…
Thanks Gracie!

Yes, I will. It's mypartofcolorado.blogspot.
Dave Moody said…
I'm a regular haunter of Heather's blog also. Always makes me think, and chuckle...

take care,

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