Creativity by some anonymous computers

Remember back in the 80s? Punk band names were an amazing area of cultural creativity.

Spam email titles are today's equivalent. The difference this time through is that they are generated by a computer to carefully carve their way through spam filters. (This set all were caught, though.) I have no idea who actually opens those messages. Maybe I should have opened one to see if the contents were equally creative. Or not. Pandora might leap out.

These are actual spam titles:

My nose he prejudicial
And shelf of meteorite
It of riven
It sunbeam is commandeer
For do kaskaskia
To nonsensic as eclogue
A an estrange
In mitre it monetarist
I a burley
As nutria no grandstand
As do mervin
An at sandburg
A is precautionary
Be he respectful
I go mice
That of shack
At chancy it reel


The Lone Beader said…
LOL!!! You are so right...
Dave Moody said…
Hey- Kaskaskia is a river not far from here, a major tributary into the mississippi.

Did yu ever read Lewis Carol's Jaberwocky in college or HS? reminds me of that... when brillig.

Scrapnqueen said…
Spam. [shudders] Don't even get me started.

Hiya, Paul.

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