Barb inspired me

Barb wrote a post on the evils of MSG. I agree. However, I'm too much of a hedonist to give it up - yet.

We don't have aisles of Lays at our supermarkets, but I am thrilled to say that Lays are available. (They were imported from South Africa.) But I bet you can't get this flavor - at least in North America!

After I ate the pack, I read the fine print and discovered that there is no MSG! But my friend Amy told me that another ingredient, maltodextrin, is just another name for MSG. (Apparently MSG has lots of names, just like the devil.)

Update: a doctor friend, John, assured me that maltodextrin has absolutely no relationship to MSG.


celticpole said…
That reminds me of Willy Wonka's gobstopper gum - you know the one with an enitre meal in one piece of bubble gum.
gracie said…
MSG has the number 621... I have noticed that many of these types of foods have begun using other flavour enhancers (635,627) instead of msg so they can put that label on the packet "no msg"... except that none of these things are good for you!!! (but very more-ish :)
Heather Jamison said…
No Lays in Kitale. True. Send us some Securicor. My family will thank you. :)
The Lone Beader said…
Now I think I've seen everything... And, you know, I boycott potato chips - haven't eaten them in at least a year... But, I might try one of these... LOL.

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