Another Heather

Heather Armstrong has one of the most popular blogs. She became famous when her company fired her for what she said in her blog.

Anyhow, this pic she posted inspired this post.

I have collected concert ticket stubs for years. I still have the ticket from the very first rock concert I went to. (My brother Bill and I went to see Stephen Stills and Neil Young. The opening group was Poco. That was a long time ago.)

My time in Nairobi this time has meant no additions to the concert ticket collection. However, I have had a few park passes go through my hands. This one was from Mt. Longonot, a peak we climbed on Christmas. (See my blog entries shortly after then for some pix.)

By the way, I am not collecting national park entry tickets. I have too many collections already. (I am collecting digital pix of various things - many of which I have shared with you!)


celticpole said…
I'm amazed at people who keep such remnants of the past, amazed in a good way. I wish I had done so. I moved around so much (evading the law) that I never kept anything.
Funny thing, I linked to Heather's site from a (Dave's) grad school alum a couple weeks ago -- small world!
Great idea to have them in digital form. I used to keep my old tickets in an album, however, with the arrival of children there is less and less room to keep that sort of stuff anymore. I throw alot of stuff out these days.
Maybe you could publish a coffee table book oneday - especially with pictures like your lollipop sticks.
chris said…
I had my concert stubs in an album, too. I have no idea where it it now, but it contained some classics, that's for sure. My first concert was The Who when I was 13. I was so incredibly overwhelmed that I bawled my head off through most of it! Now that I think about it, though, my very first concert was the Beach Boys at the Minnesota State Fair. I was young - Dennis Wilson was still alive and I was infatuated with him. I guess I've been a groupie most of my life - from Dennis to Keith Richards to Jesus Christ. Not a bad list!

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