18-wheeler alternative

Human-powered carts are found all the time on just about every road in Nairobi. They cause a lot of pollution in the traffic they hold up. But hey, they cost way less than a truck!

When Heather and I saw this one, I had to whip out the camera. (Heather even requested I do that, which is highly unusual.) We both said, "Wow!" The cart is loaded with used plastic bottles that held cooking oil. I'm not sure what he was going to do with them. I guess in some parts of town, they are sold used. Or are recycled.

This is another of those cases when it would have been a far better photo if I got the guy at the front of the cart in the shot - but people sometimes get offended if they are photographed.


Anonymous said…
Great photo! When you find out what he is planning to do with them, let us know:)
Anonymous said…
Thats a great picture.

Be safe...

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