Strange art

This annual award is from the Kenya Institute of Marketing. It is from a newspaper ad, by one of its recipients. The Nation national newspaper has boring and long supplements about once a week announcing similar awards.

This particular award looks bizarre enough that I would like to question the artist: "What is this supposed to symbolize?" "Why does it look like a sail when it has nothing to do with the sport of sailing?" And I'm sure you could come up with some more questions for him or her.

(Note to those of you who are image-quality-aware: I took this shot with my little digital camera; I don't have access to a scanner.)


The Lone Beader said…
Sometimes that is the purpose of art - to make the viewer question it, when in fact there may be no answers to those questions. I really love the African face. That is very unique...

Also, Paul, does anyone you know over there have any sheep dogs or working dogs?? I'm looking for participants in my 'Sheepdog of the Day' posts:)

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