Branding. A good friend is currently running a business based around that needed aspect of products and services.

In Japan, English is the second language. Their car names reflect this. The "Mi-Select-G" is a car that was sold by Subaru, back in the late 90s. That is even a sub-model of the class (think Legacy).

I think they got it wrong. Any two of the three (really four) would have done.

Speaking of bizarre Japanese car names, here's another one I spotted recently: Suzuki "Joypop", model "Sound". It's a tiny van that would never make it to the States for safety reasons. At some point, I might the highlights from a list of bizarre Japanese vehicle names that I've been compiling
over the last year or so.

- - -

So back to the card…

I have no idea who it's for - or what business is represented.

But I do know where I got the card - on the floor of a used van from Japan I was test driving. (I'm in the midst of buying another van for our organization. We're only considering used Japanese vans. For those of you who are interested, it will be a Toyota HiAce diesel.)

I also found a coin in the glovebox of another used Japanese vehicle. Way cool. It has a hole in the middle!


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