An excellent post about my favorite drummer is here. The post is titled, " Going out on top..."

Soon to be my favorite drummer is here. Just scroll down to "An amazing guy".


The Lone Beader said…
You must be psychic! I was just listening to 'All Hands on the Bad One' before I read this post. Sleater-Kinney ROCKS, and so do chick drummers. I've never heard Quasi, though:(

One of my favorite drummers is John Blackwell. He plays with Prince. He also lived across the hall from me in college when I attended Berklee College of Music:)
Nairobi Paul said…
Cool! I'll have to check him out. (Later, though; my connection is so bad here I can't see videos via the web. Sigh.

Quasi is the band of just two people - Janet and her ex-husband, Sam Coomes. Even though S-K is gone, Quasi carries on.
Erin said…
thanks for the link (& rec!) now that i think about it, another one of my favorite drummers is carla azar from autolux...she also makes really great use of the drums as a melodic instrument. i think she also did the drums on the soundtrack for "o brother where art thou."
Nairobi Paul said…
Erin, I *love* Autolux. I had the privilege of seeing them live in a very tiny venue. My buddy Mark and I were in the very front row. (Well, there aren't really rows when you're standing.)

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