Visibility and self-expression

I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a pic of this car. Its owner felt the need to express him or herself, in site of how all those bumper stickers make it difficult to see other cars, the road and pedestrians.

I guess we all feel the need for people to know that we're not just another face in the crowd.

In southern California (a long way from this car!), where there are endless numbers of cars, self-expression is pushed to new limits. I think they have the highest per-capita number of vanity license plates than anywhere in the world. In the UK, people pay hugely for that kind of self-expression. To have the plate: "5 ROB" costs £25,000, or about $45,000.


Chris said…
That's a wild picture. Who needs to see out. People will be so busy reading the stickers, they'll just politely roll UNDER your car.

I love that Google Adsense doesn't even know what it wants to sell me when I go to your blog. It says, "Search for ads about..."

Was that a choice YOU gave it?
freak_engineer said…
Michigan actually has the highest percentage of vanity plates.

Nairobi Paul said…
Haven't been to Michigan much; that was just my informal observation.

Chris, I have been too lazy to change my Google Adsense settings. I think I may have earned a grand total of about 1.3c.

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