Monday, March 27, 2006

Moshi signs, part one

I couldn't resist stopping to capture this sign. (What does a supermarket taste like?)


Blogger Chris said...

That's a HOOT! I love moshi. I guess this is the African equivalent of engrish?

Mon Mar 27, 09:50:00 PM PST  
Blogger 3rdfloor20 said...

Funny. Does look a bit like Engrish or maybe Denglisch

Tue Mar 28, 03:06:00 AM PST  
Blogger Nairobi Paul said...

Moshi looks a bit like mooshy/squishy but is really pronounced "Moe-she". This means something in the language Chaga. (The Chaga are the main people group around that area.)

And I still haven't tasted a supermarket.

Tue Mar 28, 11:13:00 PM PST  

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