God's promise

It's a beautiful drive from Namanga, Kenya to Tanga, Tanzania. On the day we went down, we spent about an hour in the presence of one rainbow after another. Part of the reason for them was the road following several mountain ranges. Rain comes off the mountains and hits the sun. (God's promise? See the book of Genesis, in the Bible.)

In the lower part of the photo is a goat herder. (If I had time and better internet access, I'd post a larger version of the picture, but alas, I am challenged in those areas.)

Mt. Meru is one of the first significant peaks we passed - around 15,000'. It had snow on the trip down. It was shrouded in clouds during our return journey.

The "we" is Simon, peter, and me. Simon and Peter are from the village in Kenya that our water project will benefit. Peter, the manager, is an agronomist by training. Simon, the technician, is a mason by profession. (You'll get to see them in another post that is coming.)


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