Our alternative library

Not far from where we live is a great library. It's part of the British Council. Besides a large selection of management books, they have lots of computers with a fast connection to the internet. Since our home connection is very slow, Heather joined.

They also offer lots of short courses on career direction and training. It's wonderful how they cater to the real needs of Nairobi!

I benefited by getting to read a recent novel without having to buy it. (The Nairobi Public Library has a limited selection, and it's farther away from our home here. Heather went there many months ago and said every book was really worn out. There may be no replacement policy, due to limited funds - or due to those funds going to public officials' Mercedes Benzes.)


freak_engineer said…

My sister just finished form four in Kenya and I dont think she knows what she wants to do. Are the career courses offered geared for people at her age level?

Thanks a million!
Nairobi Paul said…
Sorry for the delay. I think she could go check them out. (It's next to the British High Comission on Upper Hill Rd.) I know the courses are not aimed at degree programs but rather at enhancing career paths.
birdsflysouth said…
Hey - Paul (my brother) is a member too and in Uganda as well coz they have a British Council. As for Elvo - there are computer classes that most high school grads enroll for while awaiting their results or college education. IAT - Institute Of Advanced Technology is one of them. If lost for choice schools - Wiki has a list of schools in Kenya -
I don't think Kenya offers a choice of career schools unless one does IB (or form 5&6)

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