No longer empty

Several months ago, I wrote of how lots of billboards around Kenya are empty of advertising. This gigantic one near my office finally got an ad – it’s for a $300 mobile phone.

I wonder what Motorola is thinking… mobile phones are very popular in Kenya (since land-lines are so unreliable and often unavailable), but the Razr model is way out of range of most of their potential customers here (including me).

By the way, the ad itself is made of porous fabric. It’s so large that if it were solid, the billboard would blow over in a strong wind. (One disadvantage is that at the wrong time of day, you can’t see the ad.)


jyee said…
hey, seana just got a magenta moto razr
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birdsflysouth said…
Ok the razor is now an OLD phone. Check out this one:
its the SLVR L7 with itunes. Supposed to be razor technology to beat the rocker. I hear CELL PHONES are the new technology these days!

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