Off Brands

Here in the developing world, we have access to all number of items that never make it to the States or Europe.

"SQNNY" was too good to be missed. We saw this example in use. The sound quality was what you might expect.

Something I still kick myself for not buying was a wristwatch that had the date silk-screened on the face. The date was correct one day a month! A street vendor offered it for a price I could pass by. I think the brand was "SEIKKO."

This phenomenon must be even more remarkable in China, where all off-brand products must originate.

I hope to post more of these and other product oddities later.


Brook Birch said…
Hey Paul!

Wow, I love reading up on you guys :) I love the pics too! Haha...especially the Sqnny one. I definitely see my share of those around here too. One time I wandered into a room where a lady was sewing backpacks together and of course sewing "Nikey" onto them by hand. Pretty funny. I should try and get a few of those up on my blog sometime.

I imagine your boys are loving all the great stuff you get to experience living in Africa. One of the guys on staff with us here grew up in Kenya, and went to school at RVA. He has so many crazy childhood stories that he tells us all the time. Anyway, just saw the pictures of the kids and imagine them having a great time! I hope you're all well and enjoy your life there...much love from Nepal!
Nairobi Paul said…
Hi Brook!

Nikey! That's hilarious!

Heather bought me some RayBans today that might actually be real. But they have a few defects, which is why we were able to buy them for about $4.

Great to hear from you. Glad you enjoy my blog. (I have really had fun doing it.)

We are doing well. The kids have enjoyed and been stretched by the various stuff we've thrown at them.

I have also appreciated your blog. Great insights on Bangkok & life there. Bless you as you make a difference in Nepal.

Love from Kenya too!
Barbara said…
OK! Paul - you really take into the humor! Totally hilarious! I'm dying! China pawns off the rest of the world! The only replica I have seen in the states is the super shuffle - which plays radio.
Africans are cheated! N'way we live in the getto!
Anonymous said…
I'll stick to Sony. LOL

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