Number 145

An international study was just done about the most corrupt countries in the world. Kenya made it to 145 out of 159. (159 is the lowest: Chad.) Funny enough, The Nation, one of Kenya’s largest newspapers, got it wrong and said Kenya was number 144.

What this means, I will leave up to you. I do know that when the Minister for Roads spends all his time campaigning for one side of the coming vote on Kenya's new constitution -- and the roads here are in terrible shape, something is not right.


jyee said…
well, the study is based on "perception of corruption"... i think it's odd that the US ranked so low. i mean, tom delay did just get arrested for money laundering and election fraud.
Mark said…
Are large amounts of "free money" to these countries part of the problem? I notice that the most corrupt countries seem to be the ones receiving the most foreign assistance. Or does their corruption require foreign aid to keep them afloat?
Nairobi Paul said…
I didn't read the study. I really only know my "on the ground" observations, like how I see so many government cars that are new Mercedes Benzes and the contrast with free government schools having as much as 100 kids in one classroom. The foreign aid often disappears into various politicians' pockets.

A big flap in the local press lately has been relating to the president getting a new home built for a HUGE amount of money. (Of course his current home is quite fine.)

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