The Nairobi Marathon (and 10k)

Sunday was the annual Nairobi Marathon.

Another part of the race was a 10k, open to all. When we arrived at the sidelines, it appeared everyone was walking. THEN the Marathoners came. These men and women are the world's finest runners. Many win medals in the Olympics.

It was cool to see them zip past. And that was with less than a mile left. Incredible! I must say, the single biggest physical characteristic of each marathoner we saw was the complete lack of body fat.


freak_engineer said…
hey, you should like put all the pictures you take in an online album or something man! i would kill for some of the pictures you post out here.
Nairobi Paul said…
glad you like my blog.

my connection here is so slow & so bad that i haven't done an on-line photo thing yet. maybe when i get a faster connection at my office. (that will be 3-9 months from now, but it wil only be 256kbps max!)

i finally looked at your profile. interesting!

thanks for reading. have fun in LA!

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