The Cooks

Yesterday I drove out to Ruiru. Our Kenyan Bible translation brothers and sisters run a conference facility out there. (It’s a forty-
minute drive from where I work, if the traffic is not bad. But it is always bad.)

I went out to take some photos for promotional use. (I used my trusty little Sony DSC.)

It was fun to try to get the staff to smile as I took their picture. “Imagine me telling a really funny joke.” That sort of worked. It would have worked better if I had been able to tell one!

The drive back was not much fun. It was hot, and the old car I drove had no air-conditioning. As I sat in a “jam” (traffic jam), I was dreaming of the cool weather in Colorado.


Barbara said…
Oh! It is rather cold here! By the way Paul, it has snowed once. I'll take pictures of the fall trees which are rather pretty.

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