Saturday, June 02, 2007

Goodbye to This Glorious Chaos

It is time for me to say goodbye.

We leave Kenya tonight right before midnight. We have lived here for just over two years - and not left East Africa during that time.

So why do I refer to Kenya as "This Glorious Chaos"? Well, it's glorious here - and very chaotic.

I know that some of the readers out there might object to Kenya being called chaotic. Well, don't be. Nairobi, at least, has lots of chaos. Just get in a car and drive across town!

And the glory? Oh, it's all over the place. Smiles on so many faces. Laughter as I pass roadside shops. Beautiful amazing random artwork on ceramic pots for sale along Ngong Road. Flowers on almost every plant, year around.

So you should come to Africa. Not just to visit - but to live. Then you can really see what life is like. We tried - two years is not long enough. We were compelled to return to our home, America. Those of you who know us understand why. Those who don't - well, you'll just have to get to know us. (Move to Colorado.)


ToneLoc said...

For 1st class unparalleled unbeatable chaos, visit Lagos.

Leanne said...

Paul, I can't believe you're gone! Kenya has lost a positive live-in voice, though I'm sure you will continue to bring the 'real' Africa to the unlucky ones who can't make it here themselves.

I came here today to make sure you were okay after the bombing, but apparently I needn't have worried.

Good luck in CO. and I hope you and your family keep well.


Nomadic Mary said...

I like this post, and I understand, being Kenyan and having had an opportunity to live in different countries.
Hope you and family are well.

After some time then what Italians call "Mal D'Africa" Africa sickness-the want to go back.
Keep well.

Paula said...

Hi Paul, I found your blog while doing research on "living in Nairobi." Our small mission organization will be moving there in Feb.2008 to establish a mission base. We have been working in Kenya and Zimbabwe for the last few years so are familiar with life on a short-term basic. We are gathering advise on suburbs and wanted your input on which area you lived in and any other advise you might offer. We are also fellow Coloradoans. We live in Carbondale, CO. located between Aspen and Glenwood Springs. These two places, Africa and Colorado, have captured our hearts. Our staff is three adults mid 50's - children grown - our residence will need to be an office, classroom, and studio. Thanks Paula

Paul Merrill said...

Paula - happy to help, but I have no way to contact you. If you leave some kind of contact info in a comment, I'll get in touch...

PJ said...

Opps! You can contact me at

Our web address is

Micah said...

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