What happens when labor is cheap

Our apartment complex has four buildings with four apartments in each - 16 total. And we have two full-time gardeners.

That would not be the case in America. At least for anyplace we could afford to live at.

But you see, they make about $60 or $80 a month. Yes, a month.

It's such a complex set of factors - if they made more, the other staff would need to make more, etc. A house of cards. I don't like it but am in some way part of the crime.

Several of my employees have full-time live-in employees who work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. For about $50 a month. (They do have free room & board.)

We try to be generous where and when we can.

(By the way, note Gideon's broom - all natural! And it's another cost-saving measure.)


Anonymous said…
You mean people still do pay others 60 dollars per month here in Nairobi? Note that some of your posts are laced with racist remarks!!!
Nairobi Paul said…
I am prejudiced against people who make anonymous critical comments.
Shilingi-Moja said…
You've identified a real dilemma for those of us who live/lived in Kenya. Living in a system where people are glad to have any job because unemployment is 60%+; where we know that they really need more than what we are willing/able to pay; always wondering if we're being fair.

I assume that your employees who have live-in employees are Kenyans who are most likely providing a job, place to live, and food for a family member.

For what it's worth, I've not noticed racist comments in your blogs but I would be interested to know what "Anonymous" considers racist -- I may well have something to learn.


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