A truly evil man

The April 23 international edition of Time has a cover story on Robert Mugabe, the malevolent dictator of Zimbabwe. (That's a country just above South Africa.)

"Unemployment is at 80% ... life expectancy is 34 for women and 37 for men ... inflation is expected to reach 3,700% by year's end. (A single brick costs more today than a 3-bedroom house with a swimming pool did in 1990.)"

Be thankful you live where you do. Pray for Zimbabwe.


João said…
I see in another blog images from kids in Uganda with recyclied toys. I really like this type of toys because I'm industrial designer. You have more images?
Unless he repents, indeed there is a special place in hell reserved for men such as Robert Mugabe. May God have mercy upon Zimbabwe.

Nairobi Paul said…
João: I might post some more at some point. Stay tuned!

Dave - yes, you're right. I hope it's extra toasty in his part of hell.

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