The good and the bad

As you have noticed, advertising is one of my interests.

As I drove through town the other day, I came across these two billboards.

Coke has a new campaign, and I really like it. I'm not sure if this bright-flowery campaign has made it to other countries. (This billboard is customized for Nairobi.)

Technology Associates - lower left- is a bit misguided with their billboard. The type is so small that you'd have to be about ten feet away to read the fine print.

Yes, it's true, Coca-Cola has a little more money to spend on their advertising than Technology Associates does. If you live here, that's obvious - the new campaign is all over Nairobi.


Heather Jamison said…
The Coke ads have made it to Kitale, too. And the same style was in two of the countries we visited this past month. So I think it's at least "African" - maybe it's in the States, too. Won't know that for another 2 weeks. I like it, too. It's a bit 60ish but it is permeated with things like smiles & peace so 60s or not - Cool.
Marti Smith said…
Hi Paul - and Heather in Kitale if you make it back to this page. This weekend NPR did a story about how popular country music is in Kenya. I had no idea Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton were such a hit there... 'more than any other kind of music, country music tells a story, and where would this be more popular than in an oral culture?' See

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