When there is no picante sauce

For many years now, my Sunday night meal has been tortilla chips and picante sauce. The latter is not available in Kenya - or on the rare occasions it is at the supermarket, the price is way more than what I can afford.

One evening we had dinner at my favorite restaurant in Nairobi - Sierra. The chef used to be a white guy from Zimbabwe. (He has since gone elsewhere.) Anyhow, whatever we ordered came with some delicious salsa. He graciously gave us the recipe*. Ever since then I have been able to enjoy chips and picante - until recently.

Red peppers, a vital part of the recipe, were not available at any vegetable store for the last couple of months. Over the weekend, I finally found some! (This batch cost about 40c.)

*As a joke, he skewed the amount of sugar in the recipe - way more than what was necessary. After all, he couldn't give us the recipe outright! So after a few tweaks, we got it right. The latest batch is the best yet!


Anonymous said…
So are you going to share the recipe? I'll share mine for yours!LOL

Be safe...
Nairobi Paul said…
If I were a fast typist, I'd give it a go. But it would probably take me an hour to get it all down. Plus there are a lot of tweaks that aren't written down for me to even be able to type.

I wish I had time to put it out there for all to enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Sounds good. I love tortilla chips!!
Maria said…
I am curious WHERE the Sierra restaurant is? Never heard of it.

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