A visit

On Saturday morning, we visited Anitah in her home in Kibera. That's one of the largest neighborhoods in Nairobi - and in Africa, for that matter. (I don't like to use negative terms that often are used in describing lower-income housing areas.)

I took the pic in front of the entrance to her apartment complex: 4 one-room apartments, each with no running water - but they do have electricity.

She's a friend we see nearly every day. She sees us on our turf, so it was great to see her on hers.

Anitah has one daughter, who we had just missed - she was off to take some exams. (I think it's inhumane for kids to have to attend school on Saturdays, but it's fairly common in Kenya. They didn't ask me.)

Nothing very remarkable about the visit, but I did want to show you one of the normal events of our lives.


Anonymous said…
Wow your family is adorable! Great Picture.

Your friend Anitah stands there with a big smile on her face. How may Americans could smile if they didn't have running water? Yes, not many. Your picture reminds me to be thankful for all my blessings. Even the ones I forget about sometimes.

Be safe...b
Dave Moody said…
I agree with lora_3. Regarding the Merrill clan and Anitah's smile.

Tell Heather, great doo!
Orrange said…
that's a sweet pictue.
In France they make most kids under 6th grade go to school on Saturday mornings as well. But they get all day Wednesday off. I hated it, too. I am SOOO happy to get our Saturdays back now that we live in England.
The Pocknalls said…
Hey, great to see a picture of your family.

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