A tale of two coffees

On weekend mornings, I brew enough for Heather and me. On weekday mornings, I only brew enough for me. (Heather gets her caffeine via tea, during the week.)

I find the flavor of cafetiere (coffee-press) brewed coffee to be vastly superior to that of drip-filter brewed. Heather prefers the milder flavor the drip method yields.

I'm such a hard-core coffee drinker that I like as much of the flavor as can get thrown at me. I am lazy, though; I buy ground coffee rather than beans. I gave up grinding beans long ago; my life is too busy for that. And I can't afford one of those machines that grinds the beans and then brews the coffee too.

For those into details, the two coffee makers are not to scale with each other. The coffee press is significantly smaller than the drip pot.

For those of you in Kenya, my coffee of choice is Dorman's Continental Medium Grind Dark Roast. (It's a much better deal than Java House's similar offering.)


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the "Analytics" tip. I started mine last night. I had went over to MyBlogLog but it's not free for the good stuff.

I'm thinking about getting my husband a coffee press for Christmas. Also I grind my beans every morning. I feel it helps in my waking up process. LOL

Stop in so I can get Nairobi on my map!

Be safe...
jon swanson said…
So, in other words, if you could post at a domain called coffeepress.com, instead of wordpress or typepress, you would be much happier?

Medium to light roast for me, but just as coffee-driven. Just finished my delightful first Saturday morning cup. Off to a prayer breakfast for our friends who leave this week for Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe.

Have a weekend of delight.
Anonymous said…
I got my Nairobi dot on the map! Thank you!

Be safe...
Anonymous said…
I like instant coffee - in a cup of course with milk & 2 sugars !!! Great blog/s worth sharing so I have mentioned your blog at #417 (I think) on my blog - 21 21 21 Great Blogs To Read.
Click on my name to have a look at my blogs.
Anonymous said…
I went to Analytics, too. I might take Stattcounter out, as soon as I get a few days going on Google.

Coffee? It's pretty good here in Deutschland. I guess I could go into the kitchen and find what brand I have, but anyway, I use a filter type. Tried the press and didn't like it. I try to use bottled water instead of tap. That improves the taste because it is so pure and you lose a lot of the whatever it is in tap water that can make the coffee bitter. My coffee maker also can take carbon filters. It also has a retro art deco look. I can't believe I'm talking about my coffee maker like this. Maybe because I am on my third cup right now. OK, I've got to go back to work.
Anonymous said…
I almost never drink coffee. But, if I do, it's mocha cappucino from Starbucks:)

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