Production values

Now what other blog can you visit that has a post about toilet paper next to a post about a restaurant?

The cheapest brands of toilet paper made in Kenya does not have the same quality as that of the cheapest brands in some other countries. I laughed when I opened this roll. The second ply is so weak that it's barely there. And it was that way through the entire roll.

To put things into perspective, the largest country in Africa, Congo, does not have any toilet paper manufacturers. So I am very thankful that Kenya is forward-thinking enough to have its own large and robust manufacturing sector. However, cheaper labor elsewhere is causing many plants to shut down. Colgate shut their plant in Nairobi just a week or two ago.


Danielle said…
This is crazy.

I dig it! Where else are we gonna find such important coverage of Kenya?

Well, "coverage" may have been a bad choice of words!

Keep da faith! And yes, that Kenya HAS its own TP manufacturer is def. praiseworthy!!!!

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