How do you define fulfillment?

(Well, first, I spell it differently.)

This roadside butchery is maybe different than the one in your town (if indeed, your town even has one). You might also note that the butchery is combined with a cafe.

It's a little hard to tell from this shot, but a new wooden bed is crossing the ditch in front of the shop. A furniture maker sells his stuff there too.


Anonymous said…
LOL!! That is funny. I think this place has a couple of things in common with a number of places in Boston's Chinatown...
Anonymous said…
That is one cafe I would not be eating in! It is a great photo.
Mark said…
Who is getting fulfilled here? Is it a reference to the animal's life being fulfilled in the slaughter? Or just a full belly? :-)
chris said…
aaaahhhhh...a belly full of fresh meat and a comfy bed right out IS good!

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