The first ever give-away

For the first person who can tell me what the real car company behind this new-to-me brand name, I will actually send a gift. Put your answer in the comments, as well as some way for me to contact you.

(I do know the answer.)


Anonymous said…
Ok my guess is...Mercedes Benz!

Be safe...
Anonymous said…
Well it's sort of a trick question, but i'm guessing that the best answer is Kia. The trick is that NAZA is a malaysian conglomerate of smaller NAZA companies which are primarily manufacturing and assemblying plants. They currently assemble autos for Kia, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, and Peugot on top of operating dealerships for other brands including lamborghini, porsche and ferrari (which they do not assemble). They also assemble/sell motorcycles for Brabus, Ducati and CNC mills for Hyundai.

NAZA currently has a line of autos that include rebranded Kia Carnival (naza ria), Kia Carens (naza citra), Peugot 206 (206 Bestari), and Hafei Lobo (Naza Sutera)
Nairobi Paul said…
Jason wins the prize!

(John B also responded, via email, but since internet time is so impossible to decrypt - for me - both will get a prize, carried with me in June 2007.)
Anonymous said…
It is funny to me that there are so many products/cars, etc. over there that wannabe like the others in their design and advertising ... What's up with that??

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