Bought one

I finally was able to buy a new van for the office. (Well, it is for one of the offices - in this case, the group focused on the work in eastern Congo.)

We got a fully-loaded 1999 Toyota HiAce van. In fact, it's so cool that it has a DVD-based navigation system. Problem: it works great in Tokyo but not in Nairobi. And between the time I first looked at the van and when we signed the final papers, someone decided they wanted the DVD. So no cool map of Tokyo to show you. Sigh.

But if you can read Japanese, there is still a lot of fascinating information to digest. I'm guessing these are the bass and treble controls.

Besides the amazing navigation system, the stereo will play the now-defunct mini-discs. (Sony created them as a different audio format to compete with the CD - or at least to give an alternative. Their small portable players provided recording capabilities.)


Eddie said…
Mini-discs aren't defunct. I still use mine just about everyday. Truth to tell, if I could afford an MP3 player with a high capacity, I'd probably get one and relegate the mini-disc player to the bottom of a box somewhere, but until then...
It's not Japanese, it's Korean.
jyee said…
Indeed, mini-discs are not defunct. unlike Eddie, I do have a high capacity mp3 player (ipod of course), and while i don't do much listening on my MD, it still has a fair use as a concert boot-legging device.

There's not much out there in the lower budget (sub $300) range for good audio recording, except MD... at least nothing that would be considered medium to high fidelity.
Nairobi Paul said…
The players still work - but I don't think they are made anymore.

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