Another adventure

We went to Lake Naivasha for the weekend. We stayed at a place called Hedada - a wonderful cottage on the shore of the lake. A retired couple runs it - next to their home.

The adventure came during our excursion to visit nearby Crater Lake. The dirt road to the lake is not one of Kenya's better "parkways". Several places had giant puddles all the way across the road. In most of those places, there was a dirt path going up one side to let non-4WD vehicles continue. Finally, we hit a small lake in the road with no alternate path.

Some people were walking along and said the park entrance was not much farther. We believed them. Then an old British lady driving a safari vehicle gave us a ride to the park entrance.

We had a wonderful hike. I took this shot of Ben at the top of the rim. Just off his shoulder is an exclusive resort, along the lake shore - appropriately named Crater Lake Tented Camp. (These are not your average tents - they have bathrooms inside.) We hiked down to the resort for some cold sodas.

So what was the adventure?

I decided to avoid the long hike back to the car and hired a boda-boda. That's a bicycle taxi. (I took this lower shot while bouncing around on the back of the bike. That's me in the sunglasses.) There was a parking lot outside the tented camp, but getting there was not easy! Thankfully the bike rider let me follow him back there.


Dave Moody said…
What a great adventure! Ben looks so grown up! Remembering you guys.

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