Few of the users of the toilet paper in the restroom in my office hall ever put the new roll in the dispenser.

I'm so anal that this bugs me. For a month or two, I had a silly sign asking people to refill the dispenser properly. It worked for a while. Then whoever the offenders are began violating the prime directive. I changed the sign a few times. Finally I gave up.

I still put it in the dispenser from time to time. Then I'm happy for a few days, until that roll runs out.


Omar Basawad said…
I love Nairobi! The traffic jams; the matatus; the crowd! And your blog is refreshing and keeps me nostalgic about my years in Nairobi.
Doug said…
Hi Paul,

I opened your newsletter just now and was reminded of your blog, which you mentioned in the postscript.

So were you, like, being funny intentionally when you said, "I'm so anal" in a blog entry about toilet paper?

Hey, you're the one who brought it up, not me!

About the previous comment: I know what a traffic jam is, but what's a matatu? I seem to recall the word from when I learned a little Swahili in a field methods course. And now that I think of it, if matatu is singular, then isn't the plural watatu?

Bah, once a linguist, always a linguist, huh?

Doug (-pela)
Nairobi Paul said…
Glad you visited the site, Omar and Doug!

"Matatu" means that a ride on the vehicle costs (or used to caost, a long time ago) two ("tatu") shillings.

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