Remember these?

Recently we had a cleaning day for the computer department. In the midst of shelves full of Windows 95 manuals, I came across this ancient piece of data storage technology.

Wow, we have come a long way!


Chris said…
I remember when a hole punch doubled the capacity. Oi. But speaking of a long way, my dad used to use computers without monitors, that spat their state onto white and green banded paper. Reams of it. We used to murder trees by the forest-ful, just to try and ask which directory a file was in. I bet that size would be perfect for housing a DVD disc today.
Eddie said…
Don't knock 'em. The computer that I've had that lasted the longest was a two floppy drive laptop. After twelve years in Africa it still worked fine. I don't get half as long out of my new wireless, hard-drive, colour screen models.
jyee said…
Actually before the 5.25" floppies, there were 10" floppies. the looked the same, except they were the size of LPs. I'm too young to have ever used one of the 10"ers, but I'd found a couple in a computer graveyard and hung them on my dorm wall in college.
Orrange said…
i totally remember these! That was back when computers were so infuriating to me that I would throw my shoe at it! (I was also about 8 years old and didn't know how to manage my temper very well... obviously!)
3rdfloor20 said…
I remember these from back in the 80s. I wonder if you can still use them, somehow. I wonder if there is any data on the one you have?

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