In the maybe 8 months I have used AdSense, I have made a total of $2.15. So I decided to get rid of it. (AdSense provided the little “Ads by Google” bar at the top of this site. The idea is that if a million people click on those links, a site owner can actually make money. As you guessed, there are not a million people who visit this site.)

As my friend Chris often says about his site, we’re in it for love, not money.

And Rob helped me in an uploading crisis. (My connection here is so slow sometimes that I go out for coffee and return and it is still loading a page!) I'm not putting a link for Rob here because I don't want him to get swamped with requests for help.

So what’s the “purity” about? Visual purity - one less thing to clutter up the site.


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