New smoking ban

Last week, the Kenyan government banned smoking in public places. Enforcement of this is the key - it may or may not be done.

(My friend Omar pointed out the ban, as I wrote of air pollution here. You might check out the comments on my posts; sometimes they are better than the entries!)

A totally amazing provision (related bill or somethinjg like that) is that cigarette manufacturers here are supposed to devote 50% - HALF - of their packaging to warnings of the health hazards of smoking, both in Swahili and English.

Cigarette smoking has been increasing over recent years in Kenya. It could be that pressures from outside countries and organizations that give Kenya aid is the cause for this new law. I'm doubting that the government would be far-sighted enough to foresee the long-term costs that smoking causes a society.

By the way, this cigarette package is actually from Tanzania. I was so amused that there could be Islamic cigarettes that I had to save the package.

Note the government tax stamp that features a giraffe. Also of interest is that these are "20 Kali Cigarettes." Kali is the Swahili word for "fierce".


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