Gone for a bit

Yes, this pic is a standard corny stock image I found out there in cyberspace. (It floated out of my monitor.)

I'll be gone until Monday, June 5th. Yes, we are going on a family vacation. So my apologies that this site is also going on vacation till then.

On this Saturday morning (we leave tomorrow), I have that great pre-vacation optimism. Everything looks so great ahead. But of course we're praying for safety on the crazy roads! With optimism is my awareness that life is so fragile.

ps For those of you Photoshop users, I was amused at how the "sharpen" filter must have been used on this pic - and how it ruined the shot.


3rdfloor20 said…
Have a great vacation, Paul. Bring back lots of pictures!
janiners said…
wishing you and your family a wonderful vacation. I think the photo looks great - I will picture myself on that beach for a while now. :-)

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