Even a wall...

...tells a story.

Each of the stones in this wall was carved by hand, using a chisel and hammer. That is the way it is done here. As a columnist observed in Sunday's paper, a laborer here makes about one-twentieth what he might make for doing the same job in the UK.

If governments were to truly wipe out trade barriers, the entire world would have to make quite a few adjustments. I certainly wouldn't have a clue on where or how to begin a system incorporating real fairness.

On a micro scale, we try to be fair with all whose wages we are involved with.


Chris said…
But even if you are to atttempt to be fair with wages, wouldn't it be somewhat dangerous to pay your laborers much more than the going rate? It strikes me that even THAT would have consequences.

Your site always gets me thinking in broader ways. Thank you for that.
The US and UK have already experimented with using cheap African labor worldwide. It worked pretty well for them, but it isn't legal any more.
Nairobi Paul said…
There is a delicate balance between paying the market rate and treating people like they are slave labor.

We try not to go to an extreme. But we also try not to let those we have any say over go without meals.

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