"Developing world" development

Out my window at work, a large apartment complex is taking shape.

You might note that the construction methods are a little different than in North America or Europe. But hey, it costs a lot less to build a building in Kenya. (Having said that, a few months ago a building under construction downtown collapsed and killed about six people. But that could have happened anywhere. Stories were floating around about how various building inspectors had been bribed...)

I'm glad they are out of the stone-chiseling phase. That was a little distracting when I was trying to concentrate on something. (My window stays open about 95% of the time.)

By the way, "developing world" is the current politically correct way to say what used to be called "third world." Sometimes it's a misnomer, though Kenya is definitely developing in many areas.


3rdfloor20 said…
Amazing, really amazing. Having worked on a scaffold a time or two, myself, I find this rigup to be either ingenious or crazy. But then again, I don't live in Kenya.

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