Blog weirdness

I visited Google Analytics for this site recently. My "Glass!" entry from May 2006 scored an amazing number of hits. It brought my total hits for one day (for any of my sites) to a record level: 381!

I know of no reason for this.

Update: Gill the Bean from the UK let me know that my post was featured via Dooce! Wow, cool!!


gillthebean said…
I know why your Glass entry scored so many hits...
"Dooce" was also rated one of the Top10 most influential blogs by The Guardian newspaper here in the UK.
Shane said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

I didn't remember EXACTLY what I said about Sagmeister on his blog, so I had to go back. all I remembered is I don't like any of Sagmeister's stuff.

Anyways just wanted to say thanks!
that was quite some hits, you have a lovely blog here, mind exchanging links?
ExAfrica said…
What I'd give for a bitter lemon!!!

They just don't do that sort of drink here, do they?

Please do tell me where I could find a Schwepps Bitter Lemon (in the US) - even that would do in these dark days of winter!

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