Who does the work?

It often seems like women do the hard work in Africa - at least in rural parts. (I think it's true in other parts of the world too. My wife does a lot of the hard work in our marriage - by being a mom!)

This photo was taken in Tanzania by our friends, the Stephens. They went there on a safari recently.


swayrs said…
Amazing life events.

Would you be interested in a blogroll link exchange with my blog? (www.news.worldwild.org)

Feel free to drop a line anytime.

All the best,
ToneLoc said…
Women did most of the harder work in traditional Africa: trade (barter), house (hut) building, child rearing, herding, crop farming.

Men were left with iron mongery(?), fishing (never seen a fisherwoman anywhere in the world), ...
Nairobi Paul said…
True, toneloc!

I forgot that men are always the ones who are out chiseling & carrying heavy stones in the hot sun...

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