Rachel found these gigantic thorns. I think they're from an acacia tree of some kind.

Often thorns like these are used as an inexpensive (free!) barb wire fence by ranchers in Kenya.


Jenny said…
These are nasty!
Shame you can't come through Australia!
If you ever can, let me know!
jke said…
...which is why they are sometimes nicknamed "General Mathenge". :-)
Hello there. I am a fellow blogger who lives in Marrakech. I am here for the week doing a training workshop. I was wondering if you could provide me with any shopping suggestions. I have Friday morning free to shop before I go to the airport. Any ideas? I would be so grateful if you could email me.

PS your daughter is so sweet:-) I have a little daughter, too.
Courtney said…
I just found out that giraffes have sponge like lips so they can eat around the thorns of an acacia tree.. now I have even a better understanding of why that's needed!

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