So what IS the taste of Iftar?

I have no idea, but this poster is in the elevator of a fancy hotel in downtown Nairobi. (I wasn't staying there; I parked my car in their garage while I did a little business elsewhere.)

The really dedicated people out there will look up "Iftar" on Google. I didn't.


Anonymous said…
Wikipedia Says:

Iftar refers to the evening meal for breaking the daily fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan.
Nairobi Paul said…
Thanks, Ian.

Not sure how you found my blog, but welcome!
Marti Smith said…
The taste of Iftar... is really something. You know what they say, that hunger is the best sauce? I only fasted through Ramadan once, when I was living in Central Asia. My local 'mom' and I spent a couple of hours cooking, sometimes, and couldn't lick our fingers. When the clock struck the magic moment and we could eat again it was special indeed...
Anonymous said…
"Not sure how you found my blog, but welcome!"

I've spent some time in Kenya and like to snoop around for people's experiences in Kenya every once in a while. Hence, I found your blog.

And thank you!
Years ago, I was in Istanbul during Ramadan, I was at a restaraunt at a communal table with several Turks who were drinking beer.. the observant section was in the back. It was dead silent- I looked in back and everyone's was looking at the food in front of them on their table. The gun boomed, and man oh man-- you would not have wanted to get your hands in the way, I never heard more silverware clatter-- no one was talking, and they were tucking into ti like there was no tomorrow.

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