1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

2. Deprivation breeds appreciation

These are two concepts that have been rattling around in my brain as I have contemplated leaving this Kenyan life and starting a new life in the States. Much of my old life is gone - I will not be returning to my old job. (Marti Smith, a former co-worker, is grieving this loss too.) But we are very thankful to be returning to some of our familiar friends and our beloved home.

Leaving here means saying goodbye to friends. A sad reality.

As you may have noticed, my photo does not illustrate all this.


Godspeed in your travels. Enjoy your visit in Europe. Talk to you when you're in the US.

grace & peace,
Omar said…
I will miss your posts on Nairobi and Kenya; but do hope to read your blog and about your new home in the States. Thank you for the fine posts while you were in Nairobi.

Good luck and take care.
Maria said…
we will miss you(r stories) greatly. reading you(r stories) has become a daily routine.

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