The last one

Yes, this is the very last in my "rubbish art" series. I now have twelve - enough to make a calendar.

Water bottles are popular items for some who toss things out their car windows in Nairobi. Coca Cola's Dasani is the market leader.
This time I actually washed the empty bottles. It has been rainy season, so some were covered with a lot of dried mud. (I wanted to show you the bottles and not the dried mud.)
Notes: 1. To see some of the rest of the series, type "rubbish art" into the "search this blog" window at the top of this blog. 2. If you double-click on the image, you can see it a bit larger. 3. If you check after August, you can see how to buy rubbish art postcards, coffee mugs and cigarette lighters. (Well, maybe not digarette lighters.)


Jon said…
but what if I want rubbish art garbage bags? will you carry those?

And, has any rubbish been harmed in the creating of these works?

And, well, and thanks for the series which has significant lessons in what counts as beauty.
Marti Smith said…
Well done, Paul. I look forward to my 2008 Rubbish Art by Paul Merrill Calendar!

celticpole said…
I'd like to place my order for 6 calendars. Thank you.
Jenny said…
I would like a set of cards to send to people.

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