Kinyozi art

I love Kinyozi art. Kinyozi (Swahili) are barbers - or beauty salon artistes (that's "ar-TEESTS"). Nearly all Kinyozi shops have art on the outside - to draw customers to the inside.

In my dream life, I'd take about a month travelling around Kenya taking photos of the art of Kinyozi shops - to create a coffee table book. Alas, these two shots will have to do.


Marti Smith said…
Everyone needs a dream life, Paul. Glad you could explore this one just a bit! Fun...

thanks Paul,
Jenny said…
You should do it! Definitely! And then one with your junk art.
Jenny said…
I just put a 'clustr map' on my blog too. Look how many vistors you get!!!!!
Who else in Australia visits Paul's blog?
Jenny said…
Hi Paul. You and Heather and the kids should go home via Australia. I would find some places for you to stay. Come and visit the best place on Earth.

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