In the interest of science

This morning I poured camel yogurt over my granola. Yes, yogurt made from camel's milk.

When I saw the small refrigerated case displaying camel yogurt and camel milk, I had to buy some, for you, my dear readers.

The performance report? It doesn't taste weird. I got strawberry, and the real-fruit flavor does not shine through the heavy sugary taste.

After I got home from the supermarket (Nakumatt, of course), I discovered that the expiration date was past. Too much hassle to return it. (Besides they may not have had any that was not already expired.) Thankfully, it had not "gone off".


hmmm.. when we were in India, the milk man came round everyday. He brought his water buffalo along with him, milked her right there, and handed us the bucket. Never worried about an expiration date. And after a while, it didn't even seem, well you know, funny. It was like, 'well, why not?'

grace to you on the last 30...

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