Bomas of Kenya - Nairobi Tourist Destination?

"Bomas" is Swahili for home. (It's usually not just a singular home but a set of homes for an entire family.)

Anyhow, we finally visited the Bomas of Kenya complex. It's sort of a museum. Several traditional villages are reconstructed in a forest setting, not far from Karen (a suburb of Nairobi).

Most of the villages pretty much looked the same. The Maasai village was distinctive. It was unlike the two varieties of Maasai vilages I have visited. (We lived among the Maasai - way off the beaten path - for about 6 weeks of our intro to life here training, back in 1991.)

So yes, you can see from the photo of Heather (my first and only wife) that several of the bomas represented polygamous tribal groups.

The other pic reminds me of the inside of a giant bird's nest. Jay and Oliver climbed up to the second level inside one of the homes.


unless of course, I suppose, you really are a third wife.
celticpole said…
I think Heather definitely deserves the 1st wive's hut!
Anonymous said…
Actualy heather has the wrong look on her face. being kenyan i know for sure that the third wife was often the luckiest. she was the youngest hence the most favoured. only problem is that maybe her husband would be too old to see to her every need..... if you catch my drift
Nairobi is really classic for its huge landmass natural park..I have been here and enjoyed alot with my kids.

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