Thought for the day

"God has been found lurking in a burning bush, lying in a manger, even hanging on a cross. Given His track record, He might show up anywhere. This very day, the circumstances of any given moment could suddenly facilitate a sacramental encounter with the divine. That makes this a special day, indeed."

From an editorial by Russell Board, a missionary in Japan, as published in "World" magazine, Nov. 18, 2006.


Lora_3 said…
That reminds me of the story about the woman who knew God was going to visit her. She prepare by cleaning her house and making food. During the day she had three visitors which she turn away telling them she didn't have time for them. The day ended and God had not appear to the woman. She cried why did you not appear? God answered saying I came to you three times and each time you turned me away. Hmmmm

Be safe...

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