How to get rid of a pile

This fire was lit on purpose. It's a bunch of tree-trimmings from the compound I work at.

So there's the dilemma - air pollution that way or via taking it somewhere else? If the group that runs my office compound had paid to have the stuff removed, it probably would have been taken away by an old polluting diesel truck. Petroleum would have been taken out of the earth somewhere, never to be seen again. Money would have been spent for the removal, never to be seen again.

If they had asked me, I would have suggested taking it to a nearby "vacant" lot and starting a new hill.


Heather Jamison said…
I'm coughing from here. Yuck.
Rob said…
You know, I still remember burning leaves in autumn from when I was a kid. Best smell in the world. We used to jump in the big piles and play. Of course, those were the ones not on fire.
The Lone Beader said…
I like the smell of burning leaves. The entire state of New Hampshire smells like that=:)

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