A world o' contrasts

Yes, these two trucks always hang out by the side of a road we often travel.

The hilarious thing is the contrast - just a block or so away is one of Nairobi's two fanciest shopping malls. The lowest shot is from one of the shop windows in that fancy mall (The Junction).


Pea said…
Can't quite find the words to express the comment I want to post but... I can't help wondering, is your blog just out to satirise the 'strange' things about Kenya?
Nairobi Paul said…
No. There are contrasts all over the world. I'm just showing life here, through my eyes, which are naturally different views than from any Kenyans'.

I try to not be negative or judgmental.

One example of what I was trying to convey with this one is how people can go to this shopping centre & spend thousands of shillings on one piece of flatware - and I find it hard to justify that action with seeing those nearby struggling to find enough money to not go hungry at night.
Pea said…
Ahh! (*eureka lightbulb*) I think I get it. I understand the contrast in this picture, though not in a wealth-poverty sense (one of the great things about art/photography - we can see the same things in different ways). Re-reading through your previous entries, I am forced to THINK!

Random question; what's the other fancy shopping mall? I ask because 1. Junction came up quite fast - I was away from home for just a few months and suddenly everyone had deserted the other malls, and

2. It would be interesting to know what an American thinks Kenyans consider "fancy."

Nairobi Paul said…
Thanks Pea.

The Village Market is the other one I was thinking of.

Have a great day!

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