Which car to buy in Kenya?

Currently my recommendation is to buy the most common car or SUV. Reason? If you're in an accident, you will need to get it repaired. If you get a non-mainstream model, such as the Mazda Bongo Deluxe, it may be a long time after the accident till you'll be driving again.

Driving is so crazy here that I tell people to expect to get in an accident about once every nine months.

So why this sub-standard photo? This is the same model of car that some friends were driving when they got in a wreck. Then, the day after the car was repaired, another accident happened.

The second accident was thankfully minor enough that the repair was done in a few days. The first required a new hood (bonnet). It was in the shop for about two months till a replacement hood could be found. I thought their car was common, but it wasn't enough for that huge inconvenience to happen!

The downside to getting common models is that those are targets for carjackers. (The parts are easy to sell!) So you gotta choose which pro or con is most important to you. Or which risk you prefer.

Our car, a 1999 Nissan Sunny, is the second most common model in Nairobi.


pastorrick said…
let's hoope the carjackers stay away.
Anonymous said…
Hi there

Is it expensive to buy and run a car in Nairobi? My email is emmalegend@hotmail.com. Any advice greatly appreciated.

E :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma.
Your best best is to use the website:
They have a wide variety of second hand cars advertised and it should give you an indicator.

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